Bob Dylan-The Witmark Demos

It’s hard evaluating albums like this, because even though it’s “new”, the material on it is close to 50 years old. Another reason it’s hard to evaluate it is most of the music is really rough and not the best quality soundwise. But, when you’re talking about an artist like Bob Dylan, it’s always worthwhile to hear unreleased (officially at least) material, and very early material at that. While none of these songs are really amazing on their own, when put into context you can see where some of the brilliance started and why Dylan became as successful as he did. Most of the tracks are just Dylan and his guitar, and though some songs include the piano and harmonica, he plays all the instruments on this compilation. Some of these songs were later re-recorded for future releases, so it’s interesting to hear them in their rawest form, while others have never been heard outside of bootleg form or on live compilations. This release will probably only be for the hardcore Dylan fans, but for those fans, this is one of the holy grails of Dylan lore, and it’s really cool to see some of these songs finally unearthed. Highlights on this album: “John Brown“, “Hard Times In New York Town“, “Only A Hobo“.

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