Pigeon John-Dragon Slayer

I’ve been a fan of the California based rapper Pigeon John for a while now, and he recently released a new album titled Dragon Slayer. The first track on the album is “The Bomb“, and from the start you can tell this is going to be an energetic album. The song basically is about how he is “the bomb” (obviously), but typical of Pigeon, it’s such an off the wall and crazy song, there is no sign of an ego as the title might imply. Pigeon even shows a soft side on “Before We Gone“, a song about how any accomplishments in life are meaningless without a significant other by your side. Even though he says “this ain’t another love song”, it is clearly one of the most emotional tracks on the album, no doubt referring to his recent divorce from author Harmony Dust. Normally I’ll give a few tracks that standout to me on a certain album, but with Dragon Slayer, I’ll just say tracks 1-8 are probably the best tracks to start an album I’ve heard all year. If tracks 9-11 were as strong as the first 8, this would easily be my album of the year, but unfortunately it gets kind of bland towards the end. But all in all, this is a pretty great album that most rap fans (and even some that aren’t) will find enjoyable.

  • Before We’re Gone
  • The Bomb


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