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Picks Of The Week

Posted January 30, 2011 By admin

Getting ready to head out to the Pieta Brown show in a while, I am working on getting the Maria Isa show and the Dessa show mastered and should have them up here sometime this week. The Dessa show was amazing, she had a lot of new material, so fans of her will definitely enjoy that show. Also, it was being taped by TPT, and will air March 27th at 10pm. I’m trying to figure out a way to record that, and will hopefully be able to share that here.

  • Lil’ Star- Kelis
  • Fly Me To The Moon- Joshua Radin
  • Catchy Hook- K.Raydio (ft. JDante)
  • Dead And Done- Bobby Long
  • Hometown Glory (Live)- Adele
  • The Book Of Right On (Instrumental)- Guy Buttery
  • On A Good Day- Billy Bragg
  • Easy- This Is Deer Country
  • In California- Rosa Hinskman

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Ryan Adams-Destroyer Sessions

Posted January 27, 2011 By admin

Ryan Adams
Destroyer Sessions

  1. Born Yesterday
  2. Dreaming’s Free (a/k/a I’m Alright Today)
  3. The Poison And The Pain
  4. No Disguise
  5. Rainy Days
  6. Statuettes With Wounds
  7. The String And The Wire
  8. Hey There, Mrs. Lovely
  9. Nighttime Gals
  10. In My Time Of Need
  11. Bartering Lines
  12. Memories Of You
  13. Revelator


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Amos Lee-Mission Bell

Posted January 25, 2011 By admin

Amos Lee is an artist I’ve been kind of lukewarm on since I first discovered him a few years ago. I saw him open for Bob Dylan in 2005 and thought he had a great voice. When I listened to his self titled album, I still thought he had a great voice, but the music seemed kind of bland to me. Not bad by any means, but nothing special either. Well, with his latest release, Mission Bell, Amos has won me over. This is the first great album of 2011 in my opinion. There are no real weak tracks here, and his song writing is stronger than ever. “Windows Are Rolled Down” should be the first single off the album, it’s a great, upbeat track that showcases Lee’s amazing voice with a great chorus. “Flower” is another great song, although some people might find the lyrics “My heart is a flower that blooms every hour” a bit clichéd and cheesy on paper, it never sounds like it in the spoken form, and the message the song sends is such an uplifting one it’s hard to not feel a smile come across your face when listening. One song I could do without is the last track on the album, “El Camino (Reprise)“, but that has more to do with Willie Nelson being on the track than anything else, and the fact that  it does feel like it was just thrown in as an afterthought. This album is a great start to 2011, and will definitely be in rotation a lot throughout the year. Other tracks to look for: “Behind Me Now“, “Learned A Lot“.

  • Windows Are Rolled Down
  • Flower


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Picks Of The Week

Posted January 23, 2011 By admin

Getting ready to head out to the Dessa show tonight, thought I would put these up quick. I was able to record the Maria Isa show Friday night, and I’ll be editing that sometime this week and be posting it here, so be on the look out for that.

  • Who Killed Davey Moore?- Bob Dylan
  • Stand By Me- Cassius Clay
  • Barely Out Of Tuesday- Counting Crows
  • Breath Away- Duffy
  • Forget Me- Eyedea (ft. Slug)
  • So Sleepy- Fiona Apple
  • Ready Or Not -The Fugees
  • Bottom Of The Flyer- Lipset
  • Someday, Someway- Marshall Crenshaw
  • I Need Love- Robin Thicke
  • What Child Is This?- Romantica
  • June Hymn- The Decemberists
  • You Know I’m No Good- Wanda Jackson

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Wanda Jackson & Jack White

Posted January 21, 2011 By admin

I’ve really been enjoying the new Wanda Jackson song “Thunder On The Mountain” (A Bob Dylan cover) with Jack White. She’s got such an amazing voice, the whole album is really amazing. I’ll be posting a review of the album here in the near future, but for now check out the video for “Thunder On The Mountain“.

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Recent pictures

Posted January 18, 2011 By admin

Besides music, one of my big hobbies is photography. I’m not an expert by any means, my equipment is a lower end DSLR (Rebel XTi) and a basic lens, but I enjoy taking pictures of anything I find interesting. Here are some pictures I’ve snapped over the past few weeks that I thought some people might find interesting as well. Just click on any picture to view a larger version of it. I’ll include a description of each of them as well:

1. This is an old abandoned building at the county fairgrounds across the highway from where I live. It was snowing at the time, which is what the white specks are in the foreground, but I think it adds to the picture.

2. This picture is actually right behind the building in the above picture. This was last week during a big snowstorm, as you can see, there is no ground to be seen in the area.

3. This was at the Doomtree concert I attended a couple weeks ago. This picture was taken with my point and shoot, so the quality isn’t as good, but I thought the lighting was so cool, I had to share it.

4. This was taken at a Minnesota Gophers hockey game. The game ended in a tie, but my wife and I still had a blast. She had never been to a hockey game, so it was a cool experience.

5. This is my sister, Megan. She is 8 months old and always laughs when I take pictures of her which makes it easy.

6. This was taken at a Minnesota Timberwolves game. My wife and I have gone to too many games to count since we’ve been together. They are struggling right now, but we always have fun, it’s a good, fun date night and hopefully the team will be improving soon.

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