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I’m sitting here watching Back To The Future Trilogy for what seems like the millionth time, and it never gets old. It’s funny how some movies just click with a person and never seem to wear on you. There are so many movies I’ve seen once and I think are really great, but have never really cared enough to watch again, but there are some movies I could watch every day and still find enjoyment out of it. The Death Wish series are another set of films that are the same way. The last 3 are so cheesy that they become awesome in a way. There’s just something about watching Charles Bronson blowing away “creeps” that I really just enjoy. There are some movies that become more than movies, they become sources of comfort. It’s like when everything in your life seems to be going wrong, you know at the end of the night there is at least one thing that can make your day better. There are a few TV shows that can do that for me too: Seinfeld, News Radio and The Wonder Years to name a few. They transcend shows, they become almost a part of your extended family, they are something you can go to and know they’ll bring you happiness. Anyways, here’s a list of my top 5 movies, as well as top 5 shows. Please share yours if you feel inclined.


  1. Back To The Future Trilogy
  2. The Godfather Trilogy
  3. Death Wish 1-5
  4. Saving Private Ryan
  5. Catch Me If You Can

TV Show:

  1. Seinfeld
  2. The Wonder Years
  3. News Radio
  4. Breaking Bad
  5. Kids In The Hall
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