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Besides music, one of my big hobbies is photography. I’m not an expert by any means, my equipment is a lower end DSLR (Rebel XTi) and a basic lens, but I enjoy taking pictures of anything I find interesting. Here are some pictures I’ve snapped over the past few weeks that I thought some people might find interesting as well. Just click on any picture to view a larger version of it. I’ll include a description of each of them as well:

1. This is an old abandoned building at the county fairgrounds across the highway from where I live. It was snowing at the time, which is what the white specks are in the foreground, but I think it adds to the picture.

2. This picture is actually right behind the building in the above picture. This was last week during a big snowstorm, as you can see, there is no ground to be seen in the area.

3. This was at the Doomtree concert I attended a couple weeks ago. This picture was taken with my point and shoot, so the quality isn’t as good, but I thought the lighting was so cool, I had to share it.

4. This was taken at a Minnesota Gophers hockey game. The game ended in a tie, but my wife and I still had a blast. She had never been to a hockey game, so it was a cool experience.

5. This is my sister, Megan. She is 8 months old and always laughs when I take pictures of her which makes it easy.

6. This was taken at a Minnesota Timberwolves game. My wife and I have gone to too many games to count since we’ve been together. They are struggling right now, but we always have fun, it’s a good, fun date night and hopefully the team will be improving soon.


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