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Getting ready to head out to the Pieta Brown show in a while, I am working on getting the Maria Isa show and the Dessa show mastered and should have them up here sometime this week. The Dessa show was amazing, she had a lot of new material, so fans of her will definitely enjoy that show. Also, it was being taped by TPT, and will air March 27th at 10pm. I’m trying to figure out a way to record that, and will hopefully be able to share that here.

  • Lil’ Star- Kelis
  • Fly Me To The Moon- Joshua Radin
  • Catchy Hook- K.Raydio (ft. JDante)
  • Dead And Done- Bobby Long
  • Hometown Glory (Live)- Adele
  • The Book Of Right On (Instrumental)- Guy Buttery
  • On A Good Day- Billy Bragg
  • Easy- This Is Deer Country
  • In California- Rosa Hinskman

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