Carrie Rodriguez & Ben Kyle-We Still Love Our Country

Ben Kyle may be familiar to music fans as the lead singer of Romantica, but his most recent material is a duets album with singer/songwriter Carrie Rodriguez. We Still Love Our Country is an 8 song album consisting of  6 cover songs and 2 originals. As the title implies, the songs are country themed, and definitely show an appreciation of the genre by the two singers. Whether it’s a cover of “Love Hurts” (which aims to honor the Parsons/Harris version), or John Prine’sUnwed Fathers“, you can feel the roots of country music oozing from your speakers. The two original songs, “Your Lonely Heart” and “Fire Alarm” don’t seem forced or out of place on this album, a true feat among these legendary songs. Both artists will have new albums (Kyle with Romantica) coming out sometime later this year, and if this album is any indication of what we can look forward to, those projects are something to get very excited about.

  • Your Lonely Heart

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