Bob Dylan-Percy’s Song

I was watching the Bob Dylan documentary Don’t Look Back yesterday and was reminded yet again of Dylan’s brilliance. Not that I ever really forgot, but sometimes it takes some time away from an artist to really appreciate him or her fully again. Anyways, Joan Baez is featured pretty heavily in the documentary as this was about the time she was touring with Dylan (the first time), and while I’m not normally a big fan of hers (her voice tends to sound like nails on a chalkboard to me), she covers one of Bob’s songs beautifully in the movie. It’s titled “Percy’s Song“. It wasn’t officially released by Dylan until 1985, even though it was recorded in 1963 during the Time’s sessions. It tells the story of a man convicted of manslaughter in a fatal car accident and sentenced to 99 years in prison, the song is told from the point of view of a friend who was a passenger in the car. He is pleading for leniency from the judge for his friend which ultimately does not happen and the sentence stands. Anyways, it’s one of the most beautiful and sad songs I’ve heard, and if you haven’t heard it before do yourself a favor and listen to both versions below. Also, Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday is coming up very shortly, so expect to see a bunch of posts here on him in celebration.



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