Ryan Adams-Live At The El Rey Theater

Ryan Adams took a break from performing a couple years ago and will finally be returning with some European dates next month. But, before that, he took some time out to rehearse some of his new songs a few weeks ago by opening for Emmylou Harris. As a longtime fan of Ryan, I have to say these songs are a welcome sign. His last few albums have quite honestly been disappointing and I’d almost given up on hearing any quality music from him anytime soon, if ever. Thankfully, as long as he doesn’t try to tinker with these new songs too much in the studio, they sound like they could be on par with his Gold/Demolition era material. Luckily for Ryan fans, someone attending the concert had the presence of mind to capture the songs on video and share them on YouTube, so if you haven’t seen them by now, enjoy the following videos.

Dirty Rain

I Don’t Know What To Say

Invisible Riverside

Only If You’re Lucky

Blue Hotel

Everybody Knows

Oh My Sweet Carolina (w/ Emmylou Harris)

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