Bob Dylan-Play Lady Play & Songs Of Freedom

This may be one of the more bizarre TV appearances by a musician. Dylan is not really known as an artist who makes cameos, or does TV spots, things like that. The fact he chose to appear on Dharma & Greg as himself is just a tough one to figure out. The only thing I can figure out is he was a really big fan of the show, because it’s not like he was appearing on Seinfeld or some all time great show. Anyways, the performances are all instrumentals and there is a bit of dialogue included as well. I have also included a performance by Dylan from 1963, when he appeared on WNEW-TV in NY to perform two songs. The quality is what you would expect from an almost 50 year old recording, but it’s still very enjoyable and historically important.

Play Lady Play

  1. Instrumental #1
  2. Instrumental #2 (possibly The “Bottleneck Polka” Copyrighted By Bob At Sesac)
  3. Instrumental #3
  4. End Dialogue


Songs Of Freedom

1. Blowin’ In The Wind
2. Only A Pawn In Their Game



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