Elliott Smith-Studio Rarities

Thanks to TheKeenGuy over at Blamonet for this great project. This is 8 discs of unreleased and rare studio outtakes, demos, and alternative versions of Elliott Smith songs. All songs have been remastered for optimum quality, and this is a treasure trove of music for Elliott fans.

Disc 1
Take a Fall (released non-album songs)

1. Miss Misery
2. Some Song
3. A Living Will
4. How to Take a Fall
5. The Enemy Is You
6. I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out
7. I Can’t Answer You Anymore
8. Division Day
9. No Name #6
10. Take a Fall (instrumental) (alternate outro to Happiness)
11. No Confidence Man
12. Thirteen (Big Star cover) (Lucky Three version)
13. Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)
14. Because (Beatles cover)
15. Figure 8 (Schoolhouse Rock cover)
16. Our Thing

Disc 2
Buried Back Below (unreleased songs)

1. Place Pigalle
2. True Love
3. From the Poisoned Well
4. Cecilia/Amanda
5. Suicide Machine
6. O So Slow
7. Mr. Goodmorning
8. Let’s Turn the Record Over
9. Taking a Fall
10. Grand Mal
11. Abused
12. Stickman
13. See You in Heaven
14. Dancing on the Highway

Disc 3
In the Lost and Found (more unreleased songs)

1. Everything’s Okay
2. Burned Out, Still Glowing
3. Crazy Fucker
4. Brand New Game
5. Instrumental #2 (Waltz)
6. No More
7. Splitzville
8. Yay!
9. I’ll Be Back (Beatles cover)
10. Heatmiser – Revolution (Beatles cover)
11. No Life
12. Stained Glass Eyes
13. Sorry My Mistake (instrumental)

Disc 4
Some Kind of Holiday (even more unreleased songs)

1. The Assassin or (Kill) Fuck
2. Like a Cop
3. Where I Get It From
4. She Won’t Ever Look at Me
5. Shiva Opens Her Arms
6. I’m Gonna Get Crushed
7. A Murder of Crows – Coraliza
8. A Silver Chain (instrumental)
9. Heatmiser – Everybody Has It
10. Concrete Jungle (Bob Marley cover)
11. Stranger Than Fiction – The Machine
12. O So Slow (alternate version)
13. Melodic Noise

Disc 5
Watch the Worlds Collide (Either/Or and XO alternate versions)

1. Speed Trials (alternate lyrics)
2. Alameda (alternate lyrics)
3. Ballad of Big Nothing (alternate lyrics)
4. Between the Bars (alternate version)
5. Pictures of Me (alternate lyrics)
6. Punch and Judy (alternate lyrics)
7. Angeles (alternate version)
8. Cupid’s Trick (alternate lyrics)
9. Waltz #2 (XO) (edit)
10. Baby Britain (remix)
11. Bled White (alternate version)
12. Waltz #1 (demo)
13. Amity (alternate mix)
14. Bottle Up & Explode (early version)
15. A Question Mark (instrumental)
16. Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (alternate version)
17. I Didn’t Understand (alternate version)

Disc 6
Chained to the Ground (Figure 8 and Basement alternate versions)

1. Son of Sam (acoustic)
2. Junk Bond Trader (alternate version)
3. In the Lost and Found (instrumental)
4. Color Bars (instrumental)
5. Happiness (acoustic)
6. Pretty Mary K (alternate version)
7. Can’t Make a Sound (alternate version)
8. Snowbunny’s Serenade (alternate version of “Bye”)
9. Coast to Coast (alternate mix)
10. Let’s Get Lost (alternate mix)
11. Don’t Go Down (alternate version)
12. Strung Out Again (alternate mix)
13. A Fond Farewell (alternate mix)
14. King’s Crossing (alternate mix)
15. Twilight (alternate mix)
16. A Passing Feeling (alternate mix)
17. The Last Hour (alternate mix)
18. Memory Lane (alternate mix)
19. A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free (7” version)

Disc 7
Just a Ghost (more alternate versions)

1. Two Timed (alternate version of “Go By”)
2. Stickman (alternate version)
3. Brand New Game (alternate version)
4. Division Day (alternate version)
5. Some (Rock) Song
6. Mr. Goodmorning (instrumental)
7. You Make It Seem Like Nothing (Live at Impala Cafe 9-21-1996)
8. I Didn’t Understand (2 Meter Sessions)
9. Miss Misery (2 Meter Sessions)
10. Tiny Time Machine (“Suicide Machine” instrumental)
11. Elliott Smith & Mary Lou Lord – I Figured You Out
12. Pretty Mary K [other version] (alternate mix)
13. New Disaster (original acoustic version)
14. Abused (instrumental, acoustic)
15. True Love (alternate mix)
16. Dancing on the Highway (alternate version)
17. Baby Britain (instrumental)

Disc 8
Crushed Blind (even more alternate versions)

1. Between the Bars (orchestral)
2. Coast to Coast (instrumental)
3. Miss Misery (alternate version)
4. Some Song (alternate mix)
5. Bled White (early version)
6. Bottle Up & Explode (demo)
7. Junk Bond Trader (instrumental)
8. Brand New Game (alternate mix)
9. I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out (alternate mix)
10. Going Nowhere (alternate mix)
11. Go By (instrumental)
12. New Monkey (alternate mix)
13. Angeles (alternate mix)
14. Trouble (Cat Stevens cover) (alternate version)
15. Abused (instrumental)
16. High Times (alternate mix)
17. Stickman (alternate acoustic version)
18. True Love (instrumental)



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