Ryan Adams-Live At Cirkus

Another Ryan show surfaced the other day, so this will be the second of 5 shows, not 4 as I said earlier. This show is in MP3 format, and the quality is not the greatest. I’d grade it at anywhere from 4-6 out of 10 depending on the song, but this is the only recording to surface of this show so far, and beggars can’t be choosers. The first few songs are also missing unfortunately, but thankfully the recorder was able to capture a few rarities Ryan doesn’t often perform live (16 Days, Houses On The Hill).

Ryan Adams
Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Oh My Sweet Carolina (Missing)
  2. If I Am A Stranger (Missing)
  3. Firecracker (Missing)
  4. Damn Sam (Missing)
  5. Please Do Not Let Me Go (Missing)
  6. Ny Ny (Missing)
  7. Let It Ride
  8. Everybody Knows
  9. Call Me On Your Way Back Home
  10. Desire
  11. Sylvia Plath
  12. Invisible Riverside
  13. Dear Chicago
  14. 16 Days
  15. Blue Hotel
  16. Two
  17. My Winding Wheel
  18. Come Pick Me Up
  19. September
  20. Halloween
  21. Houses On The Hill



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  1. Comment by tom:

    this link doesn’t work anymore. can this show be re-uploaded?

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