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Last week, Dessa announced a new album release, titled “Castor, The Twin“. To quote Dessa, the title derives from “the twin brothers Castor and Pollux of Roman mythology (the pair of bright stars in the Gemini constellation). Pollux was part god, a fighter with metal hands. Castor was the mortal of the pair, but the two were inseparable. I was drawn to Castor and Pollux because I liked the idea that each song on the album was the human twin of the more aggressive compositions that had been released on other projects.” The last sentence is important, because the album isn’t a “new” release in the classic sense. It’s a reworking of previously released songs (expect one song, The Beekeeper, which is a new track), this time with a full band, as opposed to more computer generated music as they are known now. Anyone who has seen her in the past year knows how good these songs sound with a backing band, and I for one can’t wait to listen to the album. You can pre-order the album here, and the awesome thing about pre-ordering it is you get an autographed copy of the album, as well as an exclusive copy of Dessa’s short fiction book Sleeping With Nikki. There will be a printing of 1500 hand numbered copies, and it’s a one time printing of the book, so act fast! This should be enough to tide people over until her next album of new material, whenever that may be. The last track on Castor is a track from that album, so at least we will get a taste of some new material. Listen to the track Palace below, the song was originally released on Paper Tiger’s “Made Like Us“, and be sure to order your copy of “Castor, The Twin” here.

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