Ron Sexsmith-Out Of The Duff (Remastered)

“Out Of The Duff was a cassette that I recorded with another songwriter friend named Claudio, and basically the first side was my songs and the 2nd side were all his. We worked as treeplanters together (which is where the title comes from). My problem with record was I was young and over excited to be in a recording studio and so I was really over-singing on my songs.”
-Ron Sexsmith

This is from a CD-copy made from a cassette copy of the original, so it is third generation. As a result, the sound, while still very good,  may not be as sharp as the original must sound.These are Ron’s part of the cassette.

Re-master notes ( I added some clarity, reduced as much hiss as I could without muffling the sound, and added some treble to bring out Ron’s voice more. I’m not a professional by any means, but I think this makes for a more pleasant listening experience.

1 Hey Rose
2 Burn it to the ground
3 On the beach
4 Dream car
5 Waiting


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