Rachael Yamagata- Pledge Music project

I’m disappointed to say I haven’t posted about this album yet, but better late than never I suppose. Rachael is one of my favorite musicians and an amazing songwriter. She has a new album coming out soon entitled Chesapeake. She is releasing the album independently with the help of Pledge Music, where fans can pledge money towards the album and get cool packages in the process. I’ve personally pledged 60 dollars, which would get me the signed special edition vinyl as well as a signed copy of original song sketches. So very unique and in some cases one of a kind gifts. A lot of the pledge packages are gone as it is rather late in the process, but there are some really cool ones left. Be sure to check here to see if there’s anything you want, or you can just donate 10 dollars and get the digital album, every little bit helps. Every package comes with a free copy of the digital album, in case you were wondering whether to get one of the packages that wasn’t a cd or vinyl. The samples of songs from the album are exclusive to pledgers, so I won’t post them here, but here are a few songs that will introduce you to her music if you aren’t already familiar.



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