Dessa-Castor, The Twin

I have a hard time calling this a “new album”, because all but one of these songs have been previously released, albeit it with different music. But, it is such a beautiful piece of work I have a hard time not reviewing it either. The songs on this album have been re-done “live” in the studio with backing instruments as they are done live in concert, and the final product is amazing. Some of these songs are almost like hearing them for the first time, and impact is breathtaking. I’ll admit to some bias because Dessa is one of my favorite musicians going right now, and she is from Minnesota. But, I think pretty much any fan of good music will enjoy this, even without previous knowledge of her. Some of the highlights for me is the first track of the album, “551″, which was already a great track originally, but this version has a more somber feeling to it, and it just grabbed me right away, and quite honestly, I repeated it 3 times before I moved on with the rest of the album. “The Chaconne” is obviously one of my favorites, it’s one of Dessa’s more popular songs, and this version just adds more “effect” (if that makes any sense) to the original, more feeling and more emotion. Another great track is the one new song on the album, “The Beekeeper“, which is one of the more haunting/beautiful tracks on the album. This is definitely one of my tops albums of the year, and I recommend it to everyone.


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