Rachael Yamagata-Chesapeake

After a three year absence from the music scene, Rachael Yamagata is back with a new album title “Chesapeake“. While her previous album “Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart” was a somber, heartbreaking album, this album is a little more upbeat. It starts out with a bang in the form of Even If I Don’t, a song about a failed relationship that she can’t go back to no matter how much she wants to. The next track, Starlight, has a really cool hard bass line and counteracts it with really sensitive lyrics about the need for another person and wondering if the feeling is mutual. From there, the rest of the album is a mix of solid music, from upbeat to sad to ballads. This may not be my favorite album of hers (that goes to “Elephants”), but it’s probably her most accessible and consistent, and should appeal to a wide variety of people (and hopefully make some new fans along the way).


  • Even If I Don’t
  • The Way It Seems To Go

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