Brett Dennen-Loverboy

I remember reading some reviews earlier in Brett Dennen’s career that called him the next coming of Dylan and being intrigued by that. While I never really thought those were fair comparisons, I did find a lot of the same themes in his music as Dylan’s. Brett’s most recent album, Loverboy, is a departure from those more socially conscious and serious themes. This is much more a poppy, upbeat record, and while that may be hard for some fans to digest, for me, it’s great to see an artist I like really have fun with the music he’s making. A couple songs I really enjoyed are “Frozen In Slow Motion” & “Surprise, Surprise“. “Frozen In Slow Motion” is a song about a breakup that literally just slows your life to a crawl while everyone else’s seems to be moving at normal speed. And the further away from the relationship you get, the more it hurts instead of getting better with time. “Surprise, Surprise”, which has a couple meanings to me, first about how life might now always go how you expected it too, and secondly, if you give it some time, things will start coming your way in life. Hopefully you’ll find the songs below enjoyable enough to give the whole album a listen at some point, because while this may be a departure of sorts for Dennen, it’s definitely head and shoulders above most pop music out there today.

  • Frozen in Slow Motion
  • Surprise, Surprise

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