Prof-King Gampo

I’ll be honest here, the only reasons I gave Prof a chance was because Slug was promoting his new album, King Gampo,  Prof is a local artist, and the album cover is just plain intriguing/weird. So, it had less to do with any music I had heard than any other factors. But, once I did listen to the album, I was blown away. First off, appearances are deceiving, Prof sounds nothing like he looks like. He’s got a booming voice that commands attention immediately. His lyrics are mostly silly and very politically incorrect. I’ve never seen him live and in person, but if you look up Youtube videos of him in concert, you can just feel the energy coming off of him, and you can tell he is having a blast on stage. Also, his most recent music video, for the song “Need Your Love“, is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen this year. There aren’t really any tracks I skipped on this album, it’s pretty solid throughout, but my two favorite tracks are “Gampo” and “Lucky“, which you can listen to below. Be sure to buy the album if you like the songs, it definitely feels good supporting an artist who is still relatively unknown and you know ever album purchase helps out his cause.

  • Gampo
  • Lucky

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