The Pines- Dark So Gold

When a new album is released by an artist or band I really like, I have a habit of putting off listening to it for a while after I get it. I have a tendency to build up an artist and fear being disappointed by new material, and usually wait a couple weeks before I finally get around to listening to it. Fortunately, I had no reason to fear with The Pines new album, Dark So Gold, which in my opinion could be the album of the year. There are very few albums lately that I can listen to from beginning to end without feeling the need to skip a track, and this is one of them. It starts off with the beautiful, atmospheric “Cry, Cry, Crow“, which showcases Benson Ramsey’s soft vocals against a driving beat, and segues into “If By Morning“, a bittersweet breakup song with vocals by the other main member of the group, David Huckfelt. The third track, “All The While“, is a touching song about the death of Benson’s grandmother, as well as being the first radio single from the album. One of the interesting aspects of this album is that it features 3 instrumentals, but they definitely aren’t filler, as they are just as beautiful as the vocal tracks. My favorite of these 3 is “Losing The Stars“, a piano driven song which is the last on the album. It is such a versatile song, it sounds like it could be at home in a funeral, a wedding, pretty much any event you can think of. It is really one of the more beautiful pieces of music you will ever hear. It probably sounds odd to say if you could start anywhere with a band, it would be their most recent release, but I would have no problem recommending this to anyone interested in learning about The Pines for the first time.

  • Cry, Cry, Crow
  • If By Morning

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