Brandi Carlile-Bear Creek

Brandi Carlile is one of the artists I’ve always felt would have to try really hard to make a bad album. Sure, every song might not be a gem, but none of them are going to be clunkers either. Her voice alone is enough to make me want to listen, with a mix of sadness, pain and the perfect amount of twang. Her new album Bear Creek starts with the country tinged song “Hard Way Home“, a song that deals with regret, in life and love, by choosing to make things harder than they have to be. Moving to the second track, “Raise Hell“, brings the album to it’s most spirited song, and is a great toe tapper and a great song to play loud. My favorite song on the album is “Hearts Content“, and while it doesn’t have a clear meaning, it seems to be about someone who is confused about the relationship they are in, whether it’s good for them, whether the love is real,  but knowing the whole time that things will work out however they are supposed to in the end, for better or worse. These are just a few of the highlights from the album, but really, almost every song on here I could have written about and said it was great. I’ve seen a few reviews online saying this album was a disappointment, that Brandi “sold out” and she doesn’t sound as good on this album as her previous ones. I could not disagree more, this is one of my favorite albums so far this year and I love the direction she is heading in.

  • Hard Way Home
  • Hearts Content

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