Michael Kiwanuka-Home Again


I’d been seeing Michael Kiwanuka’s name on quite a few message boards I am on, but never really investigated what he was all about until recently. I am so thankful I did, it was one of my best musical discoveries of the year. He has a sound that is old school soul, along the lines of Al Green or Bill Withers, while still sounding current, reminding me a little of Amos Lee. This album isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it definitely makes for a pleasant listen, and it does what it sets out to do. It can sound a little samey in a few places, but when that sound is as beautiful as it is on this album, it’s easy to look past. I’m hopeful for some growth with Kiwanuka’s next album, but for now, this is a great debut for what is hopefully a very long career. Here are a couple standout tracks from “Home Again“.



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