The Chapin Sisters – A Date With the Everly Brothers

The Chapin Sisters - A Date With the Everly Brothers

A Date With The Everly Brothers is an album that I think really went unnoticed by most people, and it’s really a shame because it is a great album. Started as a Kickstarter project, it’s an album that really just made sense. The Everly Brothers are of course known for their great harmonies, and The Chapin Sisters are as close to the female version of them as you can get.  I’ve seen some reviews around the internet calling this album too slow and plodding while not adding much to these songs. I couldn’t disagree more. The goal of a tribute album isn’t necessarily to cover a song note for note, rather to add your own personal twist to it. The Chapin Sisters are known for their slow, melodic haunting melodies, and to do anything different here would be to abandon their style. I wasn’t listening to this album to hear these songs sung in the style of the originals, I was listening for The Chapin Sisters to give them their own personality, and they succeeded in that. The sisters obviously have a great admiration for The Everly Brothers, and they should be proud of the album created in honor of them.

All I Have To Do Is Dream:

Crying In The Rain:

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