Dessa- Parts Of Speech

Dessa- Parts Of Speech

Dessa is one of those musicians that is hard to categorize. Her style varies so much it’s hard to pin her down to a genre, and Parts Of Speech only expands on that. After my wife gave the album a listen, I think she put into words what I was thinking about it, “it sounds like Dessa, but also different”. That sums up this album in a nutshell. It kinda feels like the album her other albums have been leading to. There is not as much rapping on Parts Of Speech as on past albums, but some of these songs are just so beautiful and lyrically strong, you hardly notice. “Beekeeper” was a song that was released on her last album, Castor, The Twin, as a sneak peek of this album and it is one of the highlights. Vocally, it is one of the strongest performances I’ve heard in any of Dessa’s albums, and the music just carries it to even higher places. “The Man I Knew” is one of the more lyrically strong songs on the album, it could have many different interpretations, but to me personally, it tells the story of a relationship being disrupted by substance abuse, and the sadness of seeing someone you love turn into a stranger because of it. This album really has no weaknesses, while some songs hit higher points than others, I have trouble even finding a track I’d call average, it’s really just that solid.


The Man I Knew:

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