CocoRosie- Tales Of A GrassWidow

CocoRosie- Tales Of A GrassWidowCocoRosie seems to be one of those bands people either love or hate, not many people are in between. The band consists of sisters Bianca & Sierra Casady. They have a unique style of music, crossing many genres and using non-traditional instruments (including childrens toys). On Tales Of A GrassWidow, they’ve created one of the more beautiful albums of 2013. “Gravedigress” is more of a hip-hop themed track with hints of soul and R&B infused. It may sound odd, but it manages to find a way to work seamlessly. “Child Bride” is a pretty self explanatory song about the reality many children around the world face: being forced into an arranged marriage at an age where the most important things in most of our lives are playing with friends and getting ready for school. “End Of Time” has operatic elements to it, showing off Sierra’s beautiful voice over a powerful beat. There are a couple songs on this album I can skip almost every time, but they don’t detract from the listening experience at all. This may be CocoRosie’s best album to date, and definitely their most complete effort.

Child Bride:



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  1. Comment by Slow Dance:

    I love the organic/electronic fusion. Gravedigress kills!

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