Alela Diane- About Farewell

Alela Diane- About FarewellAlela Diane’s About Farewell is one of the more somber albums I’ve heard recently. The album was inspired by her recent divorce, and the entire album plays out like a goodbye letter. It deals with regret, sadness, and loneliness in almost every song, but every line feels like a new wound all over again. Some of the lyrics are devastating, a few examples from the title track: “Seven years to you, dear heart, is all that I can give/And I know that without me you’ll find just what you need”, “Leaving is the hardest part – that’s what we’ve always said/Once upon the other side, it’s best not to look back/That’s what we say about farewell”. This is just one example of many lyrics that expose the raw pain of a failed relationship. I had never heard Alela before this album, and as sad as About Farewell is, it seems like a perfect starting point for any new fan. Yes, it may be depressing and melancholy, but it is one of the strongest lyrical albums I’ve heard in a long long time, and Alela’s voice is the perfect vehicle to convey them.

About Farewell:

The Way We Fall:


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