Pete Seeger

Pete_Seeger_NYWTSPete Seeger passed away Monday at the age of 94. While 94 years if a heck of a life, it still feels too soon. He was a lot like JD Salinger in my mind, these pillars of the arts that seemed like they would just always be around and seemed intent on living up to that. Like the Phil Everly post I recently made, Seeger falls into the same category for me. I was probably a bigger fan of a lot of musicians he influenced (Bob Dylan, Donovan, Nanci Griffith, Harry Chapin to name a few), than the artist himself, but I have the utmost respect for his place in music. His music will still be sung a hundred years from now and musicians will continue to be influenced by him long after we are all gone. I have uploaded a few of his shows that I’ve collected over the years, please enjoy.

  • xx-xx-55
  • 10-12-57
  • 10-13-57
  • 5-12-69
  • 3-7-78
  • 9-19-09



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