Grieves-Winter & The Wolves

Grieves-Winter & The WolvesGrieves is back with a new album, and it is definitely vintage Grieves. It explores numerous themes, is intensely personal at times, and still manages to have lighthearted moments.. Some highlights: “Like Child“, which tells the story of a son trying to make sense of a dysfunctional childhood and family, and knowing he’s headed down the same path as his parents. “Over You” is about a relationship that is about to fail or has already failed, that’s up to interpretation. B. Lewis adds a great chorus here, his soulful voice perfectly compliments the beat behind it. My favorite song on the album is actually a bonus track that came with pre-orders, titled “Death Of Me“. Similar to “Over You“, this song is about an ex-girlfriend who feels the need to stay in contact, and being able to break free of the chains of a bad relationship. Fans of 88 Keys & Counting should be happy with this album, as I felt Together/Apart was a bit of a drop off for Grieves, but Winter & The Wolves proves Grieves is still one of the top lyricists in the rap game.

Death Of Me:

Over You (ft. B. Lewis):


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    Grieves soothes my soul!

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