Bob Dylan-Shadows In The Night

Bob Dylan-Shadows In The NightFrank Sinatra & Bob Dylan. Two musicians you might not think to put in the same sentence, but they actually were very fond of each other despite their very different styles of music. So when Bob Dylan announced his newest release, Shadows In The Night, an album of songs made popular by Sinatra, I wasn’t surprised in the least and was excited to see my favorite singer cover another of my favorites. The first comparison between Sinatra & Dylan you will make is, of course, the voice. Sinatra’s voice is unmatched in it’s purity and ability to convey the emotion of a song. And on this album Dylan doesn’t try to imitate it, instead using his aged and weathered voice to his advantage. These songs sound as if they are reflecting back on scenarios in life, rather than being in the midst of them. Songs like “I’m A Fool To Want You“, rumored to be about Sinatra’s relationship with Ava Gardner, sounds as if it’s being sung about a relationship that ended 40 years ago instead of the current time. “Why Try To Change Me Now” may be the best song on this album in my opinion. It seems like Dylan is speaking directly to his fans as well as his critics. It’s almost as if it’s his way of saying, “I’ve been doing things my way for 50+ years, why try to change me now?” The ability to take a song that has been sung by the most gifted vocalist in the world and make it your own is astonishing, and Dylan does that on almost every song here. This is a great tribute by one great artist to another, and a worthy addition to the Dylan catalog.

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