Odds and ends

It’s been a busy past week or so, which explains the lack of any posting. I’m catching up on a few projects and will hopefully get more time to post. I just wanted to share one of the projects I am caught up on. I go to a lot of live shows and record them when I can. I have a separate website for sharing those recordings, and I’ll leave the link below for anyone interested in checking that out. I also take plenty of photographs when I’m at concerts, so I am currently working on editing and organizing all my photos and will be uploading them in albums (probably on Flickr) for people to view. They aren’t professional by any means, but they exist and that’s better than nothing in my eyes. I’ll share that link when I’m done, which I’m hoping won’t be too much longer. I also have other various project I’m working on and will share them as I finish. No picks of the week this week, but they will be returning next week.


MN Gneiss Recordings


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