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Grieves-The Confessions Of Mr. Modest

Posted December 9, 2010 By admin

Before this year I had never heard of Grieves, and what brought him to my attention was his signing with Rhymesayers. Being a huge fan of pretty much the whole Rhymesayers roster, I gave him a shot and he has ended up being one of my favorite hip hop artists in recent memory. His lyrics are powerful, deep and smart, and his delivery is so smooth it’s almost unbelievable. I started out listening to 88 Keys & Counting and eventually made my way up to The Confessions Of Mr. Modest, his most recent album/EP. While only a little over a half hour long, it packs a lot of punch into that time. Highlights of this album for me are “Smile For The Blade”, which basically speaks to being true to yourself, who you are, no matter who might try to push you down or change you into what they want. Another stand-out track is the remix of “I Ate Your Soul” (the original can be found on Irreversible). Even though I enjoy the original version over this one, the remix is a pretty cool addition to the Grieves library. Gone are the trippy sound effects and echoey choruses and left is a great beat with powerful rhymes, and even though you don’t usually think of rappers as having pleasant singing voices, Grieves is the exception. Fans of P.O.S. will enjoy his appearance on this album in the song “War For The Crippled“, which combines two of the smartest MC’s going today. All in all, this is a good appetizer to keep people satisfied until Grieves full length debut on Rhymesayers, titled Together Apart, due sometime in 2011.

  • Smile For The Blade
  • I Ate Your Soul (Remix ft. P Smoove)


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